Research at Flavoria®

Flavoria® is a multidisciplinary research platform. It offers research possibilities and environments to both scientific and commercial entities, including research institutions, students writing their theses, and companies developing their products and services. Sustainable development and human health are at the center of Flavoria’s research.

From data to interventions and experiences

Flavoria® enables multidisciplinary research by either utilizing long-term data or by offering three different kind of research environments for building intervention study. At the lunch restaurant and café, one can monitor costumers’ food choices and measure the amount of bio-waste produced.

In addition to the restaurant and café, there is a separate research space, Aistikattila®, which is a systematic research, design and testing laboratory for multi-sensory experiences. Experiences can be modified through pictures, soundscape, lights, scents and videos.

The University of Turku leads the research and development activities and collects data from the platform. Aistila Oy, as a partner of the University of Turku, offers quick and flexible research services. Sodexo Oy operates the practical restaurant activities.

Flavorias research activities focus on sustainable development and human well-being and aim to produce new consumer understanding and innovations.

Research environments of Flavoria:

Lunch restaurant

Café and Snack shelf

Research possibilities

  1. Intervention study at the lunch restaurant lunch line or at the café
  2. Flavoria® research platform gathers data daily: choice of food, amount of biowaste and consumption of different meals
  3. Utilization of multisensory environments in research, education, events and innovation workshops

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What does Flavoria® offer for businesses?

In Flavoria® you can study customer behavior and choices in an everyday setting. The subject of research can be a new food or beverage product, a new food ingredient, packaging, concepts, different kinds of sensation elements or digital services.

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Our services:

  • Product testing at Flavoria® lunch line and industrial kitchen
  • Product testing in an immersive environment in Aistikattila® 
  • Product, package and selection testing in the Flavoria® Café
  • Sensory trainings
  • Multisensory brainstorming and development days

AISTILA® helps to optimise your products or spaces for the target group.

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Faculties in co-operation

Flavoria’s advanced research activities are guided by a scientific board consisting of a group of representatives from different disciplines.

Faculties involved in Flavoria are:

University of Turku

University of Helsinki

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