Privacy statement

1. Keeper of the register
University of Turku
Functional Food Forum

2. Contact person
Pauliina Ojansivu;

3. Data Protection Officer
Data Protection Officer of the University of Turku;

4. Name of the register
Register of the Flavoria’s® web site

5. Meaning of the handling
Users of the editor and administrator are authenticated by personal data that contains in the system.

6. Grounds of the handling
Legimitate advantage of the keeper of the register

7. Personal data groups
Editors of the site (name, email), administrators (name, email)

8. Origin of the information
Data is created when user is added to the site of the editor or administrator.

9. Preservation time
Data is preservated as long as the registered have the access to the site and the maximum of existence of the site.

10. Data transmission or transfer to the Third World
Personal data in the site of the Flavoria® is not tranferred to third parties nor outside of EEA.

11. Publicity
All personal data that is saved in the system are confidential.

12. Rights of the registered
Registered has the right to ask from the keeper of the register access to his/hers personal data and the right to ask these information to be corrected, removed or limit or reject the handling. Registered has the right to make a complaint to supervisory authority. About the matters above contact to the contact person of the register.

13. Principles of personal data protection
Information of the register is preservated according to the best practice, good data security and legistlation qualifications protected from the outsiders. Information is available only for the systems support staff of the Flavoria® web site and personal user identification is required in the use of this information. Only necessary rights of the register’s data is attached to the user indentification.