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During the summer, there will be a few changes to the opening hours at Flavoria's lunch restaurant and cafe: 20.6.-5.8. the cafe operates in the restaurant on week days between 7:30-13:3020.6.-12.8. lunch will be served between 10.30-13.00The grill is closed between 13.6.-14.8. Flavoria's team wishes all of our customers a Read More »
On Tuesday 14, between 10:30-13, we will open the doors for everyone to come and experience the space and a changing multisensory environment. We welcome you to enjoy for instance your lunch or coffee break in Aistikattila. Read More »
The lunch lines located closer to the Flavoria cafe will be closed for the summer, and re-opened in autumn. The lunch lines located closer to Medisiina D's lobby are however open for the whole summer, according to the restaurant's opening hours.You can see today's menu here. Read More »
We are seeking volunteers who experience stomach symptoms after ingesting milk to participate in a study. The goal is to study how milk proteins affect the abdominal symptoms in healthy individuals. Read More »
Functional Foods Forum (FFF) was founded in 2002 to strengthen Finland’s competitiveness and Finnish knowledge in the topical international trend – health-promoting foods. From the very beginning, it has also been FFF's goal to create active dialogue and collaboration with businesses. On Thursday April 28, 2022 FFF celebrates the unit's Read More »