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  • Lunch restaurant open for everybody starting on Mon 19th April
    Flavoria lunch restaurant opens its doors again for everybody on Monday 19th April. You can weigh your lunch normally on the lunch line and register your portion in the My Flavoria® App. The Flavoria Café is closed, but the café services will be moved to the restaurant. Opening hours:Café services at the restaurant 7:30–14.15Lunch 10:30–13:00The grill is closed In order to guarantee a safe lunch break for everybody, we ask you to: wash and disinfect your hands carefully wear a mask while taking lunch and leaving the table keep a safe distance of 2 meters to other people avoid unnecessary …

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  • Lunch restaurant open March 8th–28th
    Based on the currently available information, the Flavoria lunch restaurant remains open on March 8th–28th with some changes.
  • Event cancelled: Get to know the My Flavoria® App on Tue 2nd March
    Due to the current COVID-19 situation and restrictions, we will cancel the My Flavoria® event planned for Tuesday 2nd March.
  • Flavoria’s Opening Hours during Christmas
    Flavoria lunch restaurant and café are open during Christmas as follows: Dec 21 and 22Café open 7:30–14 and restaurant (lunch) 10:30–13 Dec 23 – Jan 3, 2021Both the restaurant and café are closed See the day’s menu The lobby services at Medisiina D building are open normally on weekdays. Happy Christmas time!
  • Lift your spirits in Aistikattila on November 27
    Welcome to drive away the November gloominess and travel fever! On Friday 27th November at 10:30-13:00 we will open the doors to “Aistikattila”, located right next to the Flavoria® lunch restaurant. Come and have your lunch or coffee break while enjoying the multi-sensory environments that will indulge all your senses and lift your spirits during this grey time of the year. The experience will be complemented with different scents. In order to guarantee a safe distance, max. 15 people can enter Aistikattila at the same time. If you’re not planning to eat or drink during your visit, we recommend using …

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