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The first Flavoria Innovation Festival, organized in November, brought together students from various fields to solve real life company challenges related to the food chain. During the week-long event the student teams were sparred by expert mentors, got to know the Design Sprint -process and practiced pitching with a coach. Read More »
As the year is coming to it's end, we have some exceptions in Flavoria's opening times. Read More »
On Thursday 13.10. we will host open doors in Aistikattila, as well as a study on Flavoria's lunchline. Read More »
Open door events in Aistikattila will be held monthly in the fall of 2022. Welcome! Read More »
On Wednesday 14 and Tuesday 20, September, between 10:30-13, we will open the doors for everyone to come and experience the space and a changing multisensory environment. We welcome you to enjoy for instance your lunch or coffee break in Aistikattila. Read More »