Flavoria® is a multidisciplinary research platform at the University of Turku that can be used for producing new scientific knowledge and consumer understanding for the sustainable development of both society and business. This unique lunch restaurant, café, and snack shop serves around 1,000 customers every day and simultaneously acts as a continuous research and development laboratory. Flavoria offers research possibilities and environments to both scientific and commercial entities, including research institutions, students writing their theses or companies developing their products and services. Sustainable development and human health are at the centre of Flavoria’s research.

For Scientific Research

A research and development laboratory utilizing multidisciplinary technological solutions

For Customers

Restaurant and café for 1,000 daily customers

For Companies

Customer undestanding and quick testing

Genuine development requires more multidisciplinary approaches, utilization of technology and deep understanding of new raw materials, production processes, human body and behaviour. Flavoria® combines multidisciplinary scientific research and flexible research services for companies. Five faculties from University of Turku – Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Technology, Turku School of Economics and Brahea Centre – are involved in Flavoria’s research activities. University of Helsinki is represented by the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. The aim is to promote new solutions for the needs of sustainable development and well-being.


What is Flavoria®?

Flavoria® is a multidisciplinary research platform concentrating on sustainable development and wellbeing.


Lunch restaurant & café

Flavoria’s restaurant and café serve customers on weekdays in the Medisiina D building located in Kupittaa.


My Flavoria®

My Flavoria® is a mobile application for Flavoria’s customers. With My Flavoria you can keep track of the food choices you make, earn discounts, and participate in research studies.



Flavoria® brings new possibilities to study multidisciplinary human choices and food experiences in both real life and multisensory lab settings.


Services for companies

Flavoria® offers several new solutions for companies. Consumer testing of products, packaging and services can all be conducted in a flexible manner.


Flavoria’s customers’ food knowledge and research application

My Flavoria on mobile phone