Strategy of Flavoria 2022-2026

The strategic goal of Flavoria is to grow and develop into a globally strong research and innovation platform which brings together top-level research, business collaboration, users and technology. Our strategy is founded on four focus areas, and we are committed to shared goals and values, which is visible in our every-day work. We direct our activities towards our vision with purposeful collaboration.

Our vision

We represent international, top-level food research and offer businesses a dynamic innovation platform. Our multidisciplinary activities are user-oriented and based on experiences and flexible technological solutions.

Our strategic focus areas

Multidisciplinary research

We conduct top-level research that examines food from the perspectives of different disciplines and offer this opportunity also to our national and international partners.

International innovation platform

We bring together and create networks for research, education, and business life both nationally and internationally.

User-orientation and experiences

In our research and selection of methodology, we emphasise user-orientation and the experiences our services create.

Technological solutions

In our research on food experience and food behavior, we utilize technological and digital tools.

Our values


In our decision making and operations, we consider the environment, mankind and the economy. We seek solutions to and offer expertise for solving the great challenges of our time and building sustainable future.


Our creativity is based on visionary actions and strong community: We create new solutions and multidisciplinary initiatives. We engage different actors and create an atmosphere that promotes communality and trust, while also advancing collaboration between different fields and organisations.


We create connections between science, society, business life and consumers. We highlight interesting and timely research questions, not forgetting social and societal impact.