Aistikattila – a melting pot for all senses

Aistikattila®, located right next to the Flavoria lunch restaurant, is an immersive multi-sensory space for research and teaching and for hosting innovation workshops, seminars and events. In this unique space you can create vivid multi-sensory experiences with the help of photos, videos, lighting, sounds and scents – just set your imagination free.

Versatile research possibilities

Aistikattila provides an interesting setting for e.g. co-creation, product, and group interview studies. With studies measuring the effects of different environments can be discovered, how a certain audiovisual environment or augmented reality affects, for example, eating experiences, human behavior, or sensory experiences. The research possibilities go beyond the above-mentioned framework; the object of study can well be a technological solution.

In addition to existing environments we can create fully customized environments. For more information about Flavoria’s research possibilities and environments, please see this page.

Aistikattila in a nutshell

  • Room for approximately 45 people
  • Over 12 meters wide wall surface on which you can project photos and videos
  • 8-channel audio for creating impressive soundscapes
  • Intelligent and programmable lighting
  • Scent equipment
  • 8 iPads for research and teaching
  • Kitchen equipment
  • A separate screen and projector for meetings

Would you like to know more?

Don’t hesitate to ask more information about rental rates or research possibilities. You can also book a presentation in Aistikattila by sending an email to: