Ilmakuva ravintolasta

What are the unique benefits Flavoria® offers?

In Flavoria®, we can reserach the consumer reserach holistiacally and in an everyday setting. The subject of research can be a new food or beverage product, a novel food ingredient, packaging, concepts, different kinds of sensation elements or digital services. New monitoring and measuring technologies for studying humans’ experiences, movements and behaviour are being developed all the time. Flavoria® is an ideal place for companies to test and validate also these kinds of new tools and technology.

Ilmakuva ravintolasta

What can I research at Flavoria®?

Flavoria® offers new opportunities for business development by:

1. Producing holistical customer understanding & new insights

2. Enabling experimental and co-creational concept, service and product development

3. Offering quick consumer testing & agile development

What can I measure at Flavoria®?

Results are new understanding and insights on consumer experiences and behaviour for product and service development

Buying intent

Food and product choice

Emotions and preferences

Liking and perceived attributes regarding food and products