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What is Flavoria®?

Flavoria® is a research restaurant in the university of Turku,
with facilities for studying consumer behaviour and their multisensory experiences.

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Restaurant & café

Restaurant & café for ca. 1000 daily users

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Living Lab

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Research & development laboratory

using the latest technology

Flavoria´s missio and visio


To research people’s genuine experiences and choices with the newest influencing and monitoring technology


To take the scientific understanding of humans’ multisensory experiencing and choice behavior to a new level, inspiring and boosting global scale innovation

  • New product and service innovations
  • New innovations for restaurant and shopping spaces
  • New technological solutions and services

4 experience contexts

lunch restaurant
is open 10:30-15

Lunch restaurant

Café Flavoria
is open
Mo-Thu 7:45-17
Fri 7:45-16


take away shelf
is in Flavoria Café.

Snack shelf

Multisensory Pod
opens in May

Aistikattila –
Multisensory Pod

What’s special in Flavoria®?

Consumer research and behaviour monitoring in genuine eating and purchasing environments on a daily basis

Systematic research, designing and testing of multisensory consumer experiences

Ilmakuva ravintolasta


Flavoria’s customers participate in research through the MyFlavoria mobile app

  • N = 1000 daily customers
  • Aged between 18 – 70 yrs
  • Students and workers
  • On average urban, educated and interested in health