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MyFlavoria is a food experience application for Flavoria’s customers

MyFlavoria mobile application lets Flavoria’s customers learn about their own eating habits and nutrition, benefit from discounts and participate in the development of new food related products and solutions.

Flavoria’s customers can register as MyFlavoria users. They can then participate in different research studies and earn discount cupons. Information about the foods that the user has selected from the lunch line accumulates into the application, from which the user can monitor what she/he eats, how much waste does she/he leave behind and what kind of nutritional values do they amount into. MyFlavoria also provides the users the latest info on the lunch menu, the research and tasting invitations and the public research results.
MyFlavoria application is available in Finnish in the early part of 2019.

MyFlavoria is a mobile application for Flavoria’s customers for participating in the research and benefiting from nutritional info and discounts.